Ken Fister

Ken Fister


Ken Fister leads all aspects of logistics for La-Z-Boy Residential Manufacturing sites in regards to procuring domestic and international transportation for raw materials inbound to the plants and finished goods delivery to our dealer partners. Fister overseas a $100 million spend in this role. He has been with La-Z-Boy for seven years, starting as the Outbound Logistics Manager before being promoted to his current position.

Prior to joining La-Z-Boy,  Fister had 25 years of previous experience in a variety of transportation/warehousing roles across the food manufacturing, automotive, 3PL, LTL and non-profit sectors. He worked at Keebler/Kellogg, EXEL/DHL, Roadway, Domino Pizza Distribution and others during points of his career.

Fister holds a B.A. from Michigan State University in Materials and Logistics Management, focusing on Transportation/Physical Distribution. He resides in Wayne, Mich.

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